Councillors wanted!

Are you interested in the community, keen to represent the people who live and work here and have time to attend at least one evening meeting each month?

There are two vacant seats on the parish council that need to be filled by individuals who would like to help us improve the environment, ensure value for money on the precept and support the parish council’s delivery of services that includes street lighting, playing field provision and maintenance, village enhancement schemes, preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan and community-building.

Please click the link to the application form and brief explanation of the requirements of the role.

Co-optionApplication and SupportingInformation

Parish Council meeting dates

The parish council’s meetings calendar for 2016/17 will be published shortly; in the meantime the date of the next parish council meeting will be Wednesday 15th June, starting at 7pm in the parish council office.

All the parish council meetings are open to the public.

Annual Audit

The audit for the parish council’s financial year 2015/16 will run between Friday 3rd June and Thursday 14th July.  Anyone can review the accounts for the year’s accounts – if interested please call the Executive Officer to arrange an appointment.  The Annual Return has been sent to the external auditor and can be viewed on this website (link below) along with the explanation of relevant variances between this year and last year (‘Section 5’), a statement declaring the figures shown are as yet unaudited, the audit notice that also contains the statement of public rights.

Notice of Audit FY15-16

Notice of unaudited accounts 2016

AnnualReturn2016, BarntGreenPC

Section 5, 2015-16


Barnt Green is a popular, semi-rural village of some 728 households in the north of the Bromsgrove District of Worcestershire. The Parish is bounded on its north-west side by the wooded Lickey Hills and to the east by the Upper and Lower Bittell Reservoirs.

The village centre contains many destination shops and services. Key services such as doctors, dentists, a post office, restaurants, take-away food outlets and several small businesses are also centrally located in the village.

Residents are well served by a wide range of community services, clubs and societies including churches, sports and social clubs, an excellent school and several pre-school playgroups and nurseries.